Musherieb, Doha, Qatar

Ms Noor Makkiya, a health educator at the Qatar Cancer Society, delivered on May 10, 2023, an awareness session to Suhail Industrial Group Employees, about the dangers of smoking and the importance of lung cancer prevention.
The session was filled with valuable information and recent statistics that shed light on the hazards of smoking on health and its negative impact on the lungs. Ms Makkiya also provided information about the components of smoke and its toxic substances, giving participants a deep understanding of why it is dangerous. Furthermore, the session touched upon the latest research and studies regarding the link between smoking and lung cancer. Ms Makkiya explained in detail the factors that contribute to the development of lung cancer and how smoking increases the risk of contracting it. She also advised how to prevent lung cancer and emphasized the importance of quitting smoking to maintain lung health and improve the overall quality of life.